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Sound Bath

Sound bowl therapy is an oriental practice with roots in Japan, Thailand and the Himalayan region. Healers and shamans trained in these traditional methods once used a variety of tools to enter transcendent states or to calm their patients.

During the sound bath, the participants are placed on a mattress, in a resting position, wrapped warmly and immersed in complete relaxation. This process, similar to meditation, begins with a conscious deepening of the breath and introspection, and then the voice bowls take over the control. The therapy session lasts for an hour, during which the participants take part in a journey full of fascinating sounds, thanks to the resonance of the vocal bowls and other sounds that promote relaxation.

Many feelings and memories may emerge during therapy, leading to spiritual experiences and intense emotional reactions. Sound bath can improve well-being, has a relaxing, cleansing and energizing effect, and also increases the vibration level creating harmony between the subtle body and the physical body. It reduces the noise in the mind and helps to relieve stress and tension.

Sounding bowl therapy is also recommended for those who want to change their physical or mental difficulties to promote self-healing processes. The vibrations emitted by the bowls spread and flow throughout the body in the form of waves, penetrating deeply and affecting the cellular level as well.

These vibrations affect each organ with the help of the blood flow and the lymphatic system, create a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain, and also cleanse and revitalize the body's energy at the cellular level. Resonance contributes to the restoration of healthy functioning, helping to maintain physical, mental and spiritual balance. In case of possible imbalance, the therapy supports the activation of self-healing.

Overall, the sound bath is an excellent opportunity to reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation, promoting the well-being of the participants.

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