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Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies are alternative medicines discovered in the 1930s, with them we can directly influence a person’s state of mind through essences made from the flowers of plants.

✓   The focus is never on illness, but always on the person
✓   Creates inner balance, both emotionally and spiritually
✓   It helps to dissolve and release past traumas, to process psychological difficulties, to manage stress
✓   Additional treatment of long-term and acute mental and physical illnesses by activating the body’s natural self-healing capacity
✓   Personal development
✓   No side effects, overdose or addiction can occur, it can be safely used with any other treatment, regardless of gender or age
✓   This is vibrational therapy that works on subtle material levels (energy system, aura)
✓   Does not contain colorants or heavy metals
✓   Helps to understand and rewrite incorrect emotional reactions
✓   Relieves spiritual blocks, inhibitions, makes you more open
✓   Through insights we can become more spiritually and emotionally mature, balanced and harmonious

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