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Singing bowl therapy

„The sound of the singing bowl touches our core and elevates our soul. Its sound dissolves tension, mobilizes self healing powers and releases our creative energies.“
/ Peter Hess /

About 70% of our body is water. When a stone is thrown into the water, circular waves are generated, and the vibrations of the singing bowls affect the liquid in the body in the same way. Sound waves enter the body in contact with the body surface, reach all the way to the cells, harmonize them. It restores our energy system and dissolves possible energy blocks.

As a result of the vibrations of the singing bowls, the body is completely relaxed, which relieves stress and has a beneficial effect on our physical and mental functioning. After several treatments, our body’s self-healing ability is strengthened. During treatment, the appearance of intuition and constructive thoughts often occurs, because in this relaxed state our mind sees more clearly. A sense of harmony and inner peace is formed.

Individual treatment:
One treatment takes about 40-45 minutes. The treatment takes place on a massage table, in clothes, so it is advisable to arrive in comfortable clothing. After treatment, abundant water consumption and rest are recommended.

Effects of sound massage

✓   Stress relief
✓   Activation of the body’s self-healing ability
✓   Release of energy blocks
✓   Relieving sleep difficulties
✓   Restoration of high blood pressure
✓   Improving ability to concentrate
✓   Behavior harmonization
✓   Spiritual blockage
✓   Improvement and deepening of breathing
✓   Relieving and disappearing of neck, shoulder, back, lumbar muscle pain

Sound massage is contraindicated

✗   Heart rhythm problems (e.g. pacemaker)
✗   In case of epileptic disease
✗   For acute migraine headaches
✗   Under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic drugs
✗   In case of diagnosed cancers – only with the permission of the treating doctor
✗   In case of illness related to a disturbed sense of reality (e.g. delusions, psychotic states, major depression)
✗   Acute, febrile, inflammatory state
✗   6 weeks after surgery
✗   In the first trimester of pregnancy
✗   In case of an infectious disease
✗   In case of implanted metal prosthesis, surgical scars or fractures, it is recommended to inform the treater in advance

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