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Singing bowl entertainment for children

Singing bowls also have a beneficial effect on children. It supports the transformation of their social relationships and emotional manifestations. With the help of singing bowls, children can explore themselves in a playful way. With the support of games they build imagination, they become more graceful, more cheerful and more open. The singing bowl treatment is done taking into account the age and the state of mind of the child.

Children react more strongly to the vibrations of the singing bowls, so a shorter treatment is recommended, the duration of which is about 15-25 minutes.

Effects of singing bowl entertainment

✓   Harmonize
✓   Relieves tension
✓   Overcoming learning difficulties
✓   Improving social relationships
✓   Alleviation of behavioral problems (anxiety, aggression, overmovement, emotional withdrawal)
✓   Self-confidence enhancement
✓   Free experience of emotions
✓   Balances

Sound massage is contraindicated

✗   Heart rhythm problems (e.g. pacemaker)
✗   In case of epileptic disease
✗   For acute migraine headaches
✗   In case of diagnosed cancers – only with the permission of the treating doctor
✗   In case of illness related to a disturbed sense of reality (e.g. delusions, psychotic states, major depression)
✗   Acute, febrile, inflammatory state
✗   6 weeks after surgery
✗   In case of an infectious disease
✗   In case of implanted metal prosthesis, surgical scars or fractures, it is recommended to inform the treater in advance

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