Vibe of Soul


My story

I remember exactly the day in 1999 when I first came into contact with spirituality through a book. At first I was astonished by this new world, but as I learned, read, practiced, and finally I bowed to this miracle. There is indeed a higher power. I’ve always been interested in healing, dealing with people, alternative medicine, but I didn’t know where to start.

In 2021, when I was undergoing a singing bowl treatment myself, I received divine guidance on what is my path. In 2022, I completed the singing bowl training at the Peter Hess Academy ( followed by a naturopathic course. I could get an insight into the world of Bach flower therapy, Schüssler salts, Reiki and Gentle Touch massage. The more I get to know about this great miracle we live in, the more I desire to expand my knowledge.

The singing bowls and the Bach drops attracted me, I’m dedicated to this job, which I always do with pure heart and love.

I am waiting for you with much love in this Wonderland!

Nikoletta Kovacs

If you wish to ease your mind

in this fast-paced world, join me!